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Stupid Young Heart
Co-productie met Tuffi Films Finland www.tuffifilms.com
Regie Selma Vilhunen
Script Kirsikka Saari
Jeugd drama 13-17 jaar / Art House

Een hedendaags, spannend, meeslepend verhaal over jongeren (teenagers) uit een buitenwijk die onverwacht te maken krijgen met de volwassen problemen van zwangerschap. Tegelijkertijd dringen extreemrechtse ideeën hun multiculturele buurt binnen.

Synopsis (Engels)
STUPID YOUNG HEART is a story about the first love of lightly built, carefree LENNI (15) and gorgeous and popular KIIRA (16). Not yet even properly in a relationship, they discover that they are expecting a baby, and decide to keep it – partly as a statement to their families who have lost touch with what goes on in the teenagers’ lives. Lenni has nine months to become a man. Having grown up without a father figure, Lenni receives longed for adult attention from an unlikely friend JANNE (40), a member of an extreme right wing activist group. After taking part in a scrambled attack on a local Mosque, while Kiira is rushed to the hospital to give birth, Lenni realises that he can be a man in his own way, even if he never had a chance to be a child himself.