Annemiek van der Hell
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Little Angels Director Marco Niemeijer, Dancin’ the Camera Point Taken Director Marije Nie and Pieter-Rim de Kroon, The Lady in Black Director Lisa Boerstra, Forengie Director Eline Flipse, Na de Zomer Teledoc Campus Director Ingrid Kamerling, Oude Bomen Director Deborah van Dam, 1 Dorp 1 Postcode 43 Miljoen Director Patrick Lodiers en Martijn Nijboer, Spoken van Viggo Director Walther Grotenhuis en Cinta Forger, Passie van Spits Director Simone de Vries, V.I.S.S.E.N. Teledoc director Pieter-Rim de Kroon

1989 – 2010 working as line producer for a.o. De Baby Director Deborah van Dam, Between Entrance and Exit Director Boris Paval Conen en Jiri Kylian, Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum Director Oeke Hoogendijk, Carmen meets Borat director Mercedes Stalenhoef, Farewell Director Ditteke Mensink VPRO Boradcasting Company several drama and documentairy productions.

2015 EAVE Marketing Workshop
2014 Training Cultural Entrepeneur
2013 ACE Japan
2012 EAVE Producers Workshop
1991 Producers Workshop Media Academy NL
1982 – 1989 Theatre-and Film Science University of Amsterdam

Wallie Pollé
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Distribution since 1974 at The Movies, Meteor Film, Polygram, Cinemien, A-film, 1 more film and Cinéart. As of 2017 distributor at Windmill Film Distribution.

Arthouse- and cross-over titles such as AMY, Lord of the Rings, Satansbraten, Festen, Dances with wolves, Trainspotting, Meisje met het rode haar, Im lauf der zeit, Four weddings and a funeral, Boven is het stil, Slumdog Millionaire, Amour and hundreds of other films. Winners of Oscars, Palms, Lions, Globes and Kalves.

Reinette van de Stadt
Line-producer/executive producer
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Reinette VAN DE STADT-HO (1974) graduated as a film producer in 2000 at the Netherlands Film Academy. She is involved in international film production since 1995. Reinette produces feature films and documentaries out of her hometown Amsterdam. She founded her production company TRUEWORKS in 2003. TRUEWORKS is a member of the Documentary Producers Netherlands DPN.

She is a graduate of the EAVE PRODUCERS WORKSHOP 2012, a member of the European Documentary Network (EDN), a participant of the IDFA///FILMFUND young producers class 2009 & 2012, of the SOURCES2 2009 and the Rotterdam Lab 2013. She attended the ACE Coproduction Lab Hong Kong 2013, Cannes Producers Network 2013 and TIES THAT BIND workshop in Italy and South-Korea. In 2014 she pitched at Thessaloniki and Sheffield. Pitched at FORUM IDFA 2014 as a minority co-producer with CHINA’S VAN GOGH. In 2014 she graduated as a participant of the DOCUMENTARY MASTERSCHOOL with her new project SEX AND OYSTERS and won best Pitch in Leipzig. Short film MISSEN was selected for competition at Cannes Filmfestival in 2009. L’AMOUR DES MOULES was her first feature length international coproduction. Feature length documentary SERGIO HERMAN FUCKING PERFECT premiered at Berlinale 2015 and was successfully released in Dutch Cinema with over 35.000 admissions. CHINA’S VAN GOGHS had its world premiere at IDFA 2016, was released in Dutch Cinema and is now traveling the world. The film recently won Best Feature Length Documentary at Beijing International Film Festival. At Windmill Film Reinette worked as a line-producer for STUPID YOUNG HEART and currently works as an executive producer for SILENCE OF THE TIDES.