Silence of the Tides
Director Pieter-Rim de Kroon

‘Silence of the Tides’ is a poetic storytelling film in which the continuous ‘breathing cycle’ of the Wad is central – the tides, repeating cycles and contrasts, movement, the constant metamorphosis, the earsplitting silence, raging storms and the almost tangible presence of constantly changing light and the continuous horizon. It will be a film that gives shape to the uniqueness of the Wad in its own way. Against a backdrop of light, mist, wind, water and land, it’s an area that seems to lie anchored and the continuous tensions and contrasts become visible, almost tangible. The film evokes the question whether the Wad is a part of water or of the land. And above all, Silence of the Tides is a strong observational film about the relationship between man and nature.

Regie: Pieter-Rim de Kroon
Lengte: 92 min.
Land: Nederland, in coproductie met Duitsland en Denemarken
Release: 2021

Silence of the Tides is selected for competition at the IDFA 2020 International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam.
The film will be screened for the first time in a Dolby Atmos theatre on november 22nd in Amsterdam
The film is also selected for the IDFA Extended program and will be screened in a series of theatres in the Netherlands during the IDFA festival.

Silence of the Tides is selected for the NATOURALE NATURE FESTIVAL, Wiesbaden, Germany.