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The Lady in Black The work of the Flemish choreographer Ann van den Broek is very personal. Her intense choreography is dedicated to her own extreme experiences and emotions. Her approach will spare nothing and nobody. She expects unconditional commitment from herself, but also from her dancers. As a result, we get to witness innovative and highly successful dance performances, but also a complicated hate-love relationship with the people around her.

In The Lady in Black, director Lisa Boerstra (L.A. Raeven) shows us the extent to which Ann is interwoven with the choreographies, bringing the artist’s life and work together in a new experience.

The film takes Ann and her dancers on a journey along new creations, lots of theatres, physical exhaustion, black abysses and red hot passion. Intense at all levels.

Directed by: Lisa Boerstra
Produced by: Windmill Film, Annemiek van der Hell

DVD Lady in Black