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The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine

“The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine” is a character driven documentary film set in Chile, where a father and a son give each other the support they can’t get from the rest of society. It follows the story of a 60-year-old gold digger who has spent 40 years of his life searching for gold in Tierra del Fuego Island (Patagonia, Chile). His lonely life changes when he suffers a stroke and his young 20-year-old cowboy son starts taking care of him. Without any engineering knowledge, they decide to design and build a machine to harvest gold. It will help to ease the job and build a future of prosperity for both of them. The film intends to show how the struggle against death is always better when you share it.

Director Alfredo Pourailly De La Plaza

Francisco Hervé
Panchito Films, Chile