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Playing God
A film about America’s most famous compensation specialist Ken Feinberg, who maneuvers between capital and justice, between politics and people who have lost everything.
PLAYING GOD is more than just the story of a controversial man who at times seems virtually omnipotent: What happens within our Western system of values when economic interests and people’s lives become intertwined by tragedy.

Length: 90’/52’
Director: Karin Jurschick
DoP: Timm Lange / Editor: Anika Simon / Sound: Pascal Capitolin / Music: Han Otten
Producer: Birgit Schulz / A film by Bildersturm Filmproduktion
co-producer: Windmill Film / Annemiek van der Hell
In co-production with SWR and WDR, in co-operation with ARTE, in association with GEO Television, Channel HOT8  and DR

International Sales: Films Transit International